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Hannah on our Asheville preschool playground.

Asheville Creative Arts Preschool is a holistic, curriculum-based program dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of each child through art, music, drama, and dance. It is our mission to foster the academic, emotional, physical, and social development of preschool-aged children through the performing arts in an inclusive, safe, loving, and nurturing environment.

Asheville Creative Arts Preschool recognizes and encourages each child’s unique qualities by providing opportunities for children to explore creative and performing arts. Learning is a creative process that should be is fun. Ignite your imagination. Explore and learn more through the power of play! Each student is encouraged to discover the joy of learning through an exciting curriculum that taps into their creativity and self-expression. At Asheville Creative Arts Preschool, we promote self-esteem and respect for others with an awareness of varying developmental levels and learning styles. By providing enrichment opportunities for our students to grow, we help each child to gain self-control and to achieve a positive self-image in a happy, safe, and stimulating environment.

Each day, our young artists are exposed to social skills such as respect for peers, cooperation, turn-taking, manners, and sharing. Students are encouraged to become independent through age-appropriate structured settings.

Asheville Creative Arts Preschool (ACAP) was founded in 2016 as a ministry of Biltmore United Methodist Church. Biltmore UMC is a family brought together by our love of God and one another. Our faith unites us in worship and work, sending us out into the world and local community to share the love of Christ with those in need. We are a community seeking to be like Jesus by: growing in hope and purpose, accepting and nurturing one another, identifying and encouraging each other’s gifts, and by reaching out in mission to our neighbors near and far away.

Education is a fundamental basic right that Biltmore UMC wants to provide to as many children as possible. No statement of faith is required to attend Asheville Creative Arts Preschool and the curriculum content is not religious-based. ALL preschool-aged children are welcome here.

APAA About UsOur Roots

Asheville Creative Arts Preschool evolved from a preschool and mother’s morning out program at the Asheville Performing Arts Academy. While the preschool now operates separately from the Academy, we often partner together for camps and other activities. Asheville Performing Arts Academy is also located on the Biltmore UMC campus. Asheville Creative Arts Preschool shares some classroom spaces with the Academy, including a large dance studio for music and movement.

The Asheville Performing Arts Academy is a place where every student is an artist. The Asheville Performing Arts Academy facilitates a life-long appreciation and advocacy of the arts by providing a loving community where students discover the tools needed to navigate life on and off the stage.

The Asheville Performing Arts Academy is a school that fosters a love and appreciation for the arts through student-teacher relationships, which encourage and help you excel at your dream.  The Academy offers high-quality instruction and educational experiences because we are committed to the art of teaching and the teaching of the arts.  It is our hope to build art and awareness in the community and provide a home for families to pursue their dreams.